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2006 EVENT

The Iacon One team wants to see your art at our show! Whether it's 2D, 3D, video, or a costume, we've got a space for you!


  • All 2D Art (Color or Black & White; Line-Art or Computer-Generated/Assisted)
  • 3D Sculpture and Custom Figures
  • 3D Diorama
  • Costume
  • Video

Each category will have first, second, and third place winners awarded. There will also be one award each for Best Overall and Funniest Overall. You, the artist, will choose which category your entry/entries will be judged in (though we'll be happy to advise you). If you have, say, a diorama that incorporates custom figures, it's fine to count the figures as their own entires.

Contest Judging:
Everybody who attends is welcome to vote for their favorites in the art show! Contest results will be based entirely on popular vote, to be tallied Saturday afternoon. Winners will be announced and awards presented at the end of the show.

Submitting Entries:
Anybody can submit art on a walk-in basis for any category except the video category (more on that below), whether they have preregistered or are walk-ins for the show. We will get contact information for everybody during check-in this year so we can easily reach contest winners after the show if they need to leave before the awards presentation. Those not attending can also participate by sending their entry to the organizer beforehand. E-mail for shipping address and guidelines. We are also allowing non-attendee costume entries! Just mail (or e-mail) the organizer photos of your costume and they will be displayed alongside photos of the costumes that will be in attendance. This way not only will non-attendees be able to enter costumes, attendees entering costumes won't have to worry about their costume being underexposed if they don't wear it the whole weekend.

Any non-attendee entry must be received June 24, 2006. Any entry received after that date will not be considered for inclusion. If you wish you have your art entry returned, please contact the organizer at to work out the details.

Submitting Video Entries:
Video entries are popular and we're thrilled to have them, but they're technically tricky. Since we will be showcasing the video entries on a standard DVD player, all entries for this category will need to be sent to the organizer, either through the internet or on physical media, by the deadline for non-attendee entries so they can be burned to a recordable DVD for the show. All video entries will need to have the creator's name and the name of the video inserted at the beginning and the end of the video, either as a title screen or music video style, for voting purposes. This way they can be voted on by name and we won't have to preassign entry numbers for you to edit into the clip. It would also be extremely helpful if they are sent coded in MPEG2 format. Once again, mail to work out the details.

Art Auction:
Anyone entering art in the show can also choose to put their piece up for auction. The entrant may choose to start bidding and increment bids at whatever amount they want. The organizer will coordinate payments for any non-attending entrants or those who leave before the end of the show.

These rules, categories, and prizes are subject to change based on number of entries received, types of entries received, and/or other factors.

Thanks to everyone who attended or supported Iacon One 2006!
* Guest appearances are subject to change pending other professional/personal commitments.