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So, who/what is the Stasis Lock Group, and why should they be running a convention?

Glad you asked.

The Stasis Lock Group is headed up by Malin Huffman, with help from Phil Zeman and additional assistance and support from a number of our friends; long-time Transformers fans who have been involved with the TF fandom practically as long as it's been around. As children, we loved Transformers: The Movie back in 1986; as adults, our love of the Transformers mythology was rekindled with the arrival of the Beast Wars toyline and TV show in 1996.

So in 2006, to celebrate these two anniversaries - the movie's 20th and Beast Wars' 10th -we decided to throw a little celebration, give something charitable back to the community in the process, and invite 'a few thousand of our closest friends' to join us (that would be YOU, gentle reader.)

Malin Huffman has been involved in past official Transformers conventions in various capacities. From packing toys to directing traffic to contributing redeco ideas to negotiating with the convention center to acting as liaison with Hasbro Inc. and working on marketing and public relations, he's done it for past BotCon and OTFCC conventions. In the fan community, he has been a frequent participant on web forums and the newsgroup Outside of organizing Iacon One, Malin works as a senior product manager for one of Silicon Valley's hottest software startups, and performs with several music groups, including the vocal ensemble Creative Voices who are about to release their first CD, recorded at the prestigious Skywalker Sound studios.

Phil Zeman was instrumental in promoting the original Transformers E-Mail List and was there to see the birth of He is the creator and editor-in-chief of ASM (formerly known as Altered States Magazine,) an indispensable resource for the collector community. Over the years, ASM has set the standard for fan-involved Toy Fair coverage with its exhaustive reports -- in 2006, ASM's Toy Fair coverage included a staggering 4100 images. Quite amazing, considering ASM has never received any money for outside advertising and is a true independent when it comes to toy websites. Phil has also been involved with previous official Transformers conventions, as a general staff helper and as official videographer, recording events for posterity. In his real life job, Phil is a computer programmer and dabbles in webdesign.

Most importantly (at least in this context), Malin and Phil are Transformers fans. We have our favorites, but we enjoy the entire Transformers mythos. We know what we'd like to see in a celebration event, and that's what we plan to give you - an event WE would want to go to, a celebration for fans, by fans. Just that simple. If you're a fan, too, Iacon One is YOUR show. You love Transformers? Consider yourself more than an attendee - you're part of the fan spirit. You're part of the Iacon One family. Welcome! 

Thanks to everyone who attended or supported Iacon One 2006!
* Guest appearances are subject to change pending other professional/personal commitments.