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Thanks for Attending! Plus Non-Attendee Packs and Souvenir Updates!

For immediate release:
July 14, 2006

Malin and Phil would like to thank everyone who attended Iacon One '06. The two of us had a fun time at the show, and we hope you did, too.

We'd like to extend special thanks to all our guests -- Venus Terzo, Scott McNeil, David Sobolov, Bob Budiansky, and Don Figueroa -- for appearing at Iacon One. The attendees enjoyed having you at the event, and we did, too. We'd also like to thank our hard working staff members as well as our friends who pitched in and helped out with tasks both big and small. We couldn't have done the show without you guys.

We have a couple of things coming up on the horizon. First, we hope to send out non-attendee packages by the end of next week, so those of you who are patiently waiting shouldn't have to wait too much longer. Thanks for supporting us even if you couldn't come to the show!

We also have some Souvenir Sets and Prints that we'll be selling off once the non-attendee packs are out the door, so expect an announcement about the Iacon One Store in the near future. Oh, and did someone say signed merchandise? We might have that, too.... Remember that a portion of all sales helps out our chosen charity, the Hasbro Children's Hospital.

Finally, we have some lost and found items that were given to us. If you lost something at Iacon One, please E-mail Phil with a description of the item you lost. If we have it, we'll get it back to you!

So, keep watching the site for future news and updates!

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Thanks to everyone who attended or supported Iacon One 2006!
* Guest appearances are subject to change pending other professional/personal commitments.